What you NEED to know about SEO – Mark Traphagen

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In this series, we’ve looked at Business Strategy, Marketing, and Monetization. Now it’s time for Optimization.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is one of those terms that is often misunderstood and misrepresented. There are hundreds of SEO “gurus” out there teaching the latest tips and tricks. In fact there is so much misinformation being regurgitated and thrown around it’s almost impossible for a small business owner to know where to begin.

And that’s exactly why I’ve invited SEO expert +Mark Traphagen to the program.

Mark has a proven track record as one of today’s most respected authorities on SEO.

This week Mark will answer questions like: http://jtw.bz/MarkTrap

⇒ What is optimization and why do I need it?
⇒ Where should I begin?
⇒ Can I do it myself?
⇒ 7 things you must do for your website SEO
⇒ What is the difference between onsite and offsite SEO?

We will be answering your questions on this event, start asking now!


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